In addition to the 4 heirloom apple Trees planted by the Cortelyou's about 100 years ago, we planted six new cider apple trees and four crab apple trees during the 2017 Season. 

APPLE VARIETIES: Goldrush, Kingston Black, Roxbury Russet, Wickson, Wyken Pippin, Yarlington Mill.

CRAB APPLE VARIETIES: Dolgo Crab -South Dakota 1897 & Transcendent Crab - Heirloom Prior to 1844



The Cortelyou's planted one very tasty row of Asparagus over ten years ago. We love Asparagus so we expanded the Asparagus bed this season.



We have approximately 100 Black Australorp and ISA Brown Chickens for egg production. Our ladies are allowed wander the whole of our farm like true pastured chickens! We have Lots of trees for cover, Blueberry & Raspberry bushes and ground growth for foraging. We supplement with certified organic feed to ensure optimal health and never use any antibiotics or hormones. We love our ladies!



Last Spring we planted a variety of berries at Four Barns; Haskaps, Gooseberries, European Elderberry (Elderflower) and Strawberries. We expect to have a decent harvest of these special berries starting in 2018.






Ready for sale (and eating!) this Season is German White garlic! We have ordered a lovely soft neck italian garlic for next season. Perfect for braiding and storing!


Roughly 100 year old Chestnut trees bursting with Chestnuts! Ready this early fall! 


We have two governor wood sweet Cherry trees and five sour Cherry trees. We are in the process of setting up netting to stop the birds from stealing these ruby gems from our grasp!


We have 9 Brown Turkey fig trees that love the High Tunnel! Figs can be finicky but fruit is on the branches and should be ready in the next few weeks.



We planted this Spring Li and Lang Jujube, Royal Medlar, Grenada Pomegranite, Honan Red Persimmon and Hall's Hardy Almond trees! Very excited to continue to expand and create perennial diversity on the farm!